Did you know that animal liberation groups and activists attack animal rights and animal welfare groups all the time?

Working on farm animal issues is perhaps the most difficult of all animal welfare work.

That’s because there are animal liberation activists who often attack groups like ours daily.

Every morning, I open hate emails that call me a “murderer” and tell me that the only way to be humane is to become a vegan.

Why does it have to be this way? If they want to convert people to veganism, that is their prerogative. But in the meantime, 10 billion farm animals are raised for food every year and they need our help.

HFAC’s mission is to ensure safeguards and protections for the humane treatment of farm animals.

Their agenda is to abolish global agriculture. They do not want animals used for anything, especially food.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a vegan. Some of our strongest supporters are vegetarians and vegans because they really care about farm animals, understand their needs, and want those animals to have better lives in today’s realities.

But there is something wrong with activists attacking the work animal welfare agencies do to relieve the suffering of farm animals.

With 96% of the American public eating meat and only 4% of the public being vegetarian – and a percentage of that being vegan, I started this program to improve the lives of the farm animals currently being raised and slaughtered for food.  It didn’t make sense then, and it doesn’t make sense now to hold off on caring about farm animals while a vocal minority attempts to change worldwide diets.

Instead, our mission is to address farm animal issues now. And, the best way to do that is to set standards on how food animals are raised and handled humanely throughout their lives, AND work with farmers and ranchers on how to introduce those changes into their farm operations.

You are probably saying, hold on, why would these activist groups attack farm animal welfare groups? The answer is simple. For some reason, they think that working on compassionate farm animal care will keep people eating meat.

That’s just crazy. People who choose to be vegetarians or vegans will not be persuaded to eat meat because of our standards. Sadly, these groups would rather see animals suffer now in order to promote their agenda than support compassionate standards and systemic change to the farm animal system.

That’s unacceptable to us. We want to see systemic change to a factory farming system that is broken. We want to work with farmers to help them change to a more humane system of raising food animals.

One of the ways we reach that goal is by certifying one farm in a company that meets our humane standards. We may not certify their other farms in other geographic locations though. We do this because we understand that farmers willing to make changes to one farm will be open to making changes to their entire operations, especially if they see that consumers are buying their products and there is a demand for food raised humanely.

Simply put, they can only use the Certified Humane® label on products from animals that are Certified Humane.  That is why on our website we may list a company, but we also list only the brands that are Certified Humane.  We also say, if you don’t see our logo on the package, don’t buy the product.

I am sharing this with you because a video surfaced recently from an unknown animal activist group that shows suffering animals and implies that these animals are Certified Humane. Not one single animal shown in the video is certified by us. Everything said about us in the entire message is based on fabrications.

We are transparent about what we do. Our Standards of Care are always on our website for everyone to see and review.

And our mission is clear: the humane treatment of farm animals, everywhere.