Internet Grocer to Offer Certified Humane® Products

Meat Trade News Daily
USA – Marketing Animal Welfare
05 May 2010

Peapod, the country’s leading internet grocer, is proud to introduce Heartland Meadow All Natural Meats from Albert’s Organics. Peapod is the exclusive home-distributor of these meats in the Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana region.

Peapod is bringing in humanely raised beef due to the overwhelming requests from customers. “We feel that it is important to offer humanely raised products for many reasons but our customers’ wishes were the number one reason that we chose Heartland Meadow,” said Peapod Vice President of Fresh Markets Tony Stallone. “Heartland’s meats are produced by growers and ranchers who have a keen understanding and reverence for both the land and the animals they raise.”

All Heartland products adhere to a very strict growing standard encompassing several key points:

– Heartland Meadow cattle are Angus and are raised on sustainable U.S. farms and ranches with the ability to trace the cattle back to the ranch of origin. All Heartland Meadow animals are raised, fed, and processed in the United States.

–  Heartland Meadow cattle are never given any form of hormones, steroids, implants or growth stimulants. The animals are allowed to mature slowly for optimal tenderness and marbling. The cattle are never given any form of antibiotics.

– Heartland Meadow’s ranches have received the “Certified Humane®” designation from the Humane Farm Animal Care organization. This ensures that the cattle are treated well, given sufficient space, and allowed to engage in their natural behaviors.

–  Heartland Meadow cattle are raised on a strictly vegetarian diet. They are fed only natural feed and rations, such as pasture grass, hay, grains and legumes, and then finished on a corn-based diet for true corn-fed flavor.

Peapod will be carrying three delicious cuts including Strip Steak, Ribeye, as well as Ground Beef. Prices range from $5.99/lb (ground beef)-$17.59/lb (strip steak and ribeye).