Idyll Farms Certified Humane® Alpine Goats in Northport, Michigan

Idyll Farms has Certified Humane® Alpine goats that are pasture-fed through a rotational grazing operation. Everything from pasture to creamery happens on-site in this small village in Northport, Michigan. Goats are milked twice a day and graze on grasses, trees, leaves, brush, and wildflowers on 200 acres of Leelanau Peninsula. Every day, milk is transformed into cheese right next door to the milking parlor and the brand Idyll Pastures takes its name from the lush landscape that is the natural food source for this ruminant species.

Goats instinctively choose to eat what their bodies need and crave, resulting in changing properties in their milk according to the season. Alpine goats in particular, known for producing sweet nutritious milk, are descendants of livestock from the French Alps so they are hardy and well suited to the climate in Northern Michigan. Each goat produces about a gallon of milk per day and has distinctive markings (and distinctive personalities!) that makes them distinguishable from one another.

French cheese making consultants, using old world techniques, trained the Idyll Farms team. Now, with state of the art cheese caves for temperature and humidity maintenance, Idyll Farms is able to create award-winning cheeses they describe as, “bites of heaven from nature”.

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