Help us get Fresh Direct to Carry Certified Humane® products!

We’ve received some exciting news from one of our supporters.  She recently contacted FreshDirect, an online grocery company that delivers groceries in the New York City area, and asked them to carry Certified Humane® meat, eggs and dairy products.  She told us that their response was, “if more people ask for Certified Humane® products, we will consider carrying them.”  

So, we need your help!  Anyone living in the New York City area, where Fresh Direct delivers … Can you contact Fresh Direct at and ask them to carry Certified Humane® products?  By making your voice heard, you will be doing your part to spread the word about Certified Humane® products and make them even more widely available to consumers.  Below is a sample email you can send to Fresh Direct.  Tell your friends to contact them too!  Together, we can make a difference for farm animals.

Dear Fresh Direct,

I’m writing to ask you to carry products that are Certified Humane Raised and Handled®.  I know that products with this specific certification come from animals that were raised with strict humane standards from birth through the slaughter process.

The nation’s leading humane organizations back the Certified Humane® program and USAToday called Certified Humane® a gold standard.

This is a label that I trust and I would like to purchase Certified Humane® products from your website.  I ask that you start selling products that are Certified Humane®.  You can find more information on the Certified Humane® program at


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