Further News from Iceland

John continues his quest to kayak the coast of Iceland to raise awareness for Humane Farm Animal Care and the Certified Humane® program. 

John’s currents position is on the Northwestern portion of the country just above the town of Kalfshamarsvik. Unfortunately the elements have not been on John’s side. He reports rough days with heavy cross winds.

He did have a break however with good weather and was able to make a long crossing of 37 miles!  That evening he found a great campsite and reported tired muscles. The scenery continues to be stunning and he has been seeing “thousands” of bird and seals.

A picture of John’s awesome campsite below.

Latest weather forecast is still grim. “Very bad weather forecast. High winds and heavy seas for the next three days. I may be off the water for a while. It’s quite cold up here,” he says.

John has been paddling for almost a month now, and hopes to wrap the trip up in several weeks.  He looks forward to a warm bed and spending time with his family.

And a picture his toughest camp, wind all night long makes for not the greatest sleep.  The scenery is still stunning however.

We are grateful to John for his efforts to promote our organization and keep the issue of farm animal welfare in the eye of the international public.

We will keep you up to date on his progress. We know your thoughts and prayers are with him.


PS -next week, let’s talk turkeys!