Deep Creek Ranch Now Certified Humane®

Deep Creek Ranch, owned by David Strawn and his family, runs a herd of Black Angus and South Poll cattle, and a flock of Florida-native and St. Croix sheep.  All animals have access to pasture all day and are grass fed and grass finished.  The Strawn family are experienced ranchers and have been in Agriculture since 1883.  The initial plot of land was sold to the first David Strawn by William Penn around 1725.  The first David Strawn passed his ranch to his only son who then continued the business and livelihood as they expanded southward to Florida.

Today the family still uses responsible farming methods to preserve the land as much as possible.  No pesticides or harmful fertilizers are used on the property.  No hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics are given to the animals.  The family cares about all things natural, as they have nesting boxes around the property for animals like the wood duck and the American Kestrel as well as bats which have become an integral part of their pest management program.

Mrs. Strawn stresses that animal welfare is a critical part of their way of ranching, noting that “if you treat animals kindly, it makes your whole world better. It’s good for your soul.”

HFAC is the leading non-profit certification organization improving the lives of farm animals in food production. The Certified Humane® designation assures consumers that meat, poultry, egg, or dairy products they purchase have been produced according to HFAC’s precise standards for humane farm animal treatment. Animals must receive a nutritious diet without antibiotics or hormones and must be raised with shelter, resting areas and space sufficient to support natural behavior. Since the HFAC program was unveiled in May 2003, more than 75 companies, representing thousands of farms and millions of farm animals, have been certified.

Endorsed by more than 38 humane organizations, the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® program is nationally recognized as the Gold Standard for certifying animal welfare from birth through slaughter.  HFAC’s Animal Care Standards were developed by a veritable “Who’s Who” of national and international animal scientists and farm-animal welfare experts.  Producer compliance with the HFAC standards is verified through annual on-site visits by HFAC’s third-party inspectors.

For information on where to find Deep Creek Ranch beef, visit the “Where to Buy” page of HFAC’s website and click on “buy certified products online” at:

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