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Creekside Natural Farm


In the outskirts of Minooka, IL there is a laying hen operation that seeks to fulfill the destiny bestowed upon this town.  Minooka means “Good Land” in the Pottawatomie tribe language, and Bill and Pam Kunke have made excellent use of their 76 acre farm named Creekside Natural Farm. The farm is fenced in by two creeks on the property, hence the name Creekside. Their piece of “Good Land” was initially used to grow vegetables, and now they have expanded to include a laying hen operation.

Having grown up in Minooka, IL, the Kunke’s are no strangers to farming. Bill, a third generation farmer, was born and raised on what is now Creekside Natural Farm, growing grain and raising livestock. Pam accredits much of her knowledge of farming to the many trips to her grandparents’ house as a little girl. When asked what peaked their interest in Certified Humane®, Pam replied that she has always been a huge animal lover, and when she heard about the program, she knew she wanted to be a part of it.


Pam says she really enjoys her laying hens: “People notice a difference in our hens.” The hens have constant access to outdoor pasture, enjoying natural light from the sun and welcoming cool breezes. Bill and Pam attribute the success of their hens producing high quality eggs to the quality of life they experience.

The Kunkes still sell vegetables along with the Creekside Natural Farm eggs, and approximately ¼ of their consumers are vegetarians. They appreciate being able to show their customers how their birds are raised. “Most people really have no idea what food in the grocery store goes through before they buy it,” said Pam, “but here they can see for themselves how these birds live their lives.”  When asked if she has noticed an increase in business since becoming certified, Pam says she has: “People get a peace of mind knowing that we are Certified Humane®.”  She feels that the Certified Humane® label provides consumers with the assurance that


Please visit their website, www.creeksidenaturalfarm.com, for up to date information on everything going on at Creekside Natural Farm, including recipes, and new additions to the Creekside Natural Farm family.  If you are in the Minooka area, please feel free to stop by the Creekside Natural Farm farm stand.the animals had a good life and were raised according to the strict standards established by Humane Farm Animal Care.

To learn more about Creekside Natural Farm, visit their website at: creeksidenaturalfarm.com

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