CBS Evening News : Fast Food Embracing Animal Welfare

Part of the Fast Food series – Adele Douglass of Humane Farm Animal Care was interviewed in this the final part of the series.

Adele Douglass is organizing a program called Certified Humane to enforce new standards for the raising of all livestock, including cattle and hogs.

“A cow needs to act like a cow, a pig needs to act like a pig,” she says. “Years ago producers would say to me if consumers wanted humanely raised we would do that. Guess what? This is what they (consumers) want.”

The beef cows in pasture were from Waffle Creek Farm (part of our Deer Creek Farms group), and the cage free hens are from Pete and Gerry’s organic eggs. Notice the Certified Humane label on the egg cartons…

See the video (Real Media – 4.5 MB) and read the full article.