Sebastopol’s Redwood Hill Farm rides artisan dairy wave with goat products (Business Journal)

“It’s really an overgrown 4-H project,” said Jennifer Bice, owner of Redwood Hill Farm, a 20-acre goat farm in Sebastopol. Along with nine of her other producers, this “project” supplies goat cheese and yogurt to 97 percent of… Read More

Les Viandes du Breton/Animal Welfare: Why Should We Care? (Digital Journal)

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 29, 2015) – A special conference is being hosted at the SIAL CANADA 2015 event in Toronto by Les Viandes du Breton, the largest producer and processor of organic and natural pork in North… Read More

7 Reasons You Need To Eat More Eggs (Rodale’s Organic Life)

Many Americans were raised on the theory that eggs were loaded with artery-clogging cholesterol, and that eating them was a surefire way to promote coronary heart disease. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. When Wake Forest… Read More

Decoding the carton: How to buy clean & humane eggs | Goop

While it’s well-documented that industrial egg farming is a controversial business (cue Food Inc), and there are a slew of egg purveyors who are rushing to do better with USDA organic options, there’s still a lot of murkiness… Read More

Open Farm’s petfood is ethically raised and sourced Company works with Certified Humane, Ocean Wise, TerraCycle to ensure sustainability, manage environmental footprint Open Farm, a Canadian-based family-run company, touts its ethically raised and sourced petfood. The company says it uses humanely and sustainably farmed meats,… Read More

Certified Humane Raised, Handled Pet Food U.S. Bound Humane Farm Animal Care, a nonprofit certification organization with a mission to improve the lives of farm animals, and Open Farm, a humane pet food brand headquartered in Toronto, are partnering to bring Open Farm HFAC-certified pet… Read More

Certified Humane’s Response to Fabricated Claims

Last week a group whose goal is to eliminate global agriculture released a video attacking the Certified Humane program. The video was a complete fabrication from beginning to end. The Huffington Post interviewed Executive Director, Adele Douglass and… Read More

Abusing chickens we eat

NY TIMES By Nicholas Kristof If you buy a Perdue chicken in the grocery store, you might think it had lived a comfortable avian middle-class existence. “Doing the right thing is things like treating your chickens humanely,” Jim… Read More

Green Valley Organics® introduces first real dairy, lactose-free cream cheese in the U.S. market

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., Nov. 3, 2014 /Nassau News Live/ — In response to increasing demand for delicious, lactose-free dairy products, Green Valley Organics® is expanding its award-winning line with the introduction of the first real dairy, lactose-free cream cheese… Read More

3 secrets to launching a successful second act career

TIME Adele Douglass built a non-profit that protects millions of farm animals and gives farmers a new marketing niche. After a three-decade career in Washington devoted to animal welfare issues, Adele Douglass thought she knew a lot about… Read More