Braswell Family Farms

Braswell Family Farms began as Boddie Milling in 1943 when E.G. and Joe Braswell purchased the mill from G.M. Strickland, whom they had worked for, for several years. The brothers produced corn meal for more than 20 years at this location before purchasing a mill in the heart of Nashville, NC and starting Braswell Milling Company. E.G.’s sons, Gene and Ronald, continued to run the feed mill and began raising immature hens known as pullets, eventually leading to the egg production side of the farm. Through the leadership of Ronald’s son, Scott, the company became one of the leading egg and feed producers in the country, known as Braswell Family Farms.

Today, Braswell Family Farms is in its fourth-generation under the leadership of Trey Braswell, who continues to move the company forward. He oversaw the addition of Braswell’s first pasture-raised farm that began production in the spring of 2018. “The creation of our pasture-raised farm allows us to supply a growing area of the egg market that is important to our customers,” says Trey. Braswell Family Farms’ second pasture-raised farm began producing eggs in February of 2019. The family farm plans to continue its expansion into free-range and pasture-raised farming.

Braswell Family Farms provides the utmost care for its hens. A flock supervisor is assigned to oversee and care for each flock. They begin by raising the hens from baby chicks (pullets) at only a day old. The pullets are fed a special formulated feed, which is made at the company’s very own feed mill. This provides a high nutrient content to the pullets and is essential for their growth. Around 16 to 18 weeks of age, the pullets are transferred to their designated farm to lay eggs. These eggs are collected and sent to Braswell Family Farms’ processing facility to be packed and sent customers, such as Lowes Foods, Food City, America’s Food Basket, and Weis Markets.

Braswell Family Farms not only strives to provide the safest, highest quality eggs to consumers, but it also strives to produce the feed for its hens in the same manner. Braswell Family Farms operates one of the largest organic feed mills on the east coast and is proud to supply other like-minded producers with nutritious feed for their livestock.

Braswell Family Farms is committed to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, food safety and quality assurance. In addition to being Certified Humane, the family farm has the following certifications: American Humane, United Egg Producers (UEP), Safe Quality Food (SQF), Organic, OU Kosher and ISO 14001.