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Open Farm dog food is now available in the United States!

Open FarmWe’ve been counting the days to share this news and wanted you to be the first to know!

Open Farm dog food is now available in the United States!

As you may recall, Open Farm, a Canadian-based pet food company, launched their Certified Humane® dog food products in stores across Canada in late 2014. Now the first ethically-sourced dry dog food to receive the Certified Humane® label arrives in select states across the U.S. this month.

Pet owners have been clamoring for pet foods with meat and chicken that were Certified Humane® and we’re excited to see such a product finally hit the marketplace. Under the Certified Humane® label, Open Farm will use only meat and poultry products in their pet foods that come from Certified Humane® farms and ranches.

This is a huge first step for a pet food company to take and another success story for Certified Humane®. You can read more about Open Farm here.

Does a store near you carry Open Farm dog food?

Check our store locator or download our free Certified Humane® App to see if there is a store near you. If not yet, please ask your store to carry Open Farm dog food today.

Thanks to your support, we’re changing minds about the welfare of farm animals.

With gratitude,

Adele Douglass
Executive Director

P.S. I know your next question is, do they have Certified Humane cat food? We are told they are working on it. I promise you will be the first to know when this product hits the market.