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Beef by Greenham

‘Certified Regenerative’ Beef by Greenham

With more than 160 years in the Australian red meat industry, Greenham is a leader in producing premium-quality beef that is good for our consumers, animals, and the planet.

“Regenerative farming is all about farming in harmony with nature. By focusing on good soil health farmers can restore natural landscapes, improve climate resilience, and sequester more carbon from the atmosphere.” Peter Greenham, Managing Director

In a land of clean air and lush pastures, these practices have been used by Australian farming families for generations, long before the term ‘Regenerative farming’ was coined. To give consumers confidence that Greenham’s high-quality beef comes from farms that not only sustain the land, but improve it, Greenham have developed a third-party audited on-farm standard.

Good for our animals and the environment

The standard delivers many benefits to farmers and the environment.

  • healthy, nutrient-rich soils
  • healthy waterways
  • increased biodiversity
  • improved climate resilience
  • more carbon in the soil which means less in the atmosphere

Greenham sets the standard

The Greenham Beef Sustainability Standard provides a practical set of indicators and measures for producers to follow. Consistent with globally recognized definitions of regenerative farming, the standard takes a holistic approach to regenerative beef production, which incorporates four key themes.

The standard has been endorsed by Certified Humane®, and environmental and agriculture specialists, Integrity Ag & Environment.

CLICK HERE to view the Greenham Beef Sustainability Standard

Consumer confidence

With a reputation for strong animal welfare, premium eating quality, and care for our communities and the land that sustains them, Greenham produces beef consumers can be proud to enjoy and share.

For more information about Greenham and our commitment to sustainable beef production, visit www.greenham.com.au