Regina and Steve Bauscher operate Honey Sweetie Acres, a goat farm in Goshen, Ohio, that produces the only artisan goat milk soaps and lotions on the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® program. Honey Sweetie Acres gets its name… Read More

Happy Free Hens

Animal welfare is at the heart of Happy Free Hens Farm and what differentiates them from many other farms in Perú. Learn more about  Happy Free Hens commitment to animal welfare.

21st century brings more awareness of farm animal welfare

Last year, our Executive Director, Adele Douglass, was interviewed for At the Fork, a farm animal welfare documentary released this month that follows the film’s two directors, an Austin couple – one a vegetarian and one an omnivore… Read More

68% of consumers want to know what farmers are doing to ensure animal care.

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What does “Free Range” and “Pasture Raised” really mean?

No legal definition exists, after 2 years of study HFAC now defines it. Find out more.

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