Why the egg industry is scrambling to set hens free

Governments, activists and big brands like McDonald’s and Nestle are putting increased pressure on egg producers to raise their hens more sustainably by Marc Gunther, December 28, 2015, The Guardian Americans eat about 265 eggs per person per… Read More

PETA, Certified Humane spar over Tasty Burger marketing

By Lisa M. Keefe on 12/28/2015 on meatingplace.com The Tasty Burger chain, with five locations in the Boston area, is at the center of a holiday tiff over humane handling between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… Read More

Economist shares observations on animal welfare labels

By Jayson Lusk, Food and Agricultural Economist, December 15, 2015 The December 2015 edition of the Food Demand Survey (FooDS) is now out. Some observations from the regular tracking questions: Compared to last month willingness-to-pay for all products, particularly… Read More

Montana rancher invests in life and death of bison herd

By Madison Dapcevich/Agweek December 14, 2015 LOLO, Mont. — Two days a week, Troy Westre hates his job. Walking out into his 250-acre pasture in the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana, Westre finds his herd of bison and… Read More

Premium, Young And Natural: The Turkey Labels We Cluck-Cluck Over

Original Story aired on NPR on The Salt: What’s on Your Plate?, Food for Thought, November 18, 2015 You’re at the grocery store, shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. You’ve grabbed sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and cans of pumpkin. If you’re from the Midwest… Read More

All natural? How Thanksgiving shoppers can decipher turkey labels

Hadley Malcolm, USA TODAY   Shopping for a Thanksgiving turkey has become a moral and emotional brain puzzle. Consumers are left deciphering the disparate claims stamped on packages at the grocery store, wondering which version of “free” meat is the… Read More

Chicken Cheat Sheet 2 (South Carolina Public Radio)

Where food labels are concerned, it’s generally a case of do your homework before you shop. And when shopping for chicken, labels like “natural” and “farm raised” don’t really help to inform you about where or how the… Read More

Eggs and animal welfare

Since an egg company was featured in an episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast in January 2015, people have been asking lots of questions about the ethics of egg production. There are big differences between hens… Read More

duBreton To Raise 300,000 More Crate-Free Pigs by 2018

Quebec-based pork producer, duBreton®, the #1 producer of Organic and Certified Humane Raised and Handled® pork, recently announced that it will raise 300,000 more crate-free pigs by 2018 Sept 29 – Humane Farm Animal Care® (HFAC), the leading… Read More

More certified humane pork pledged by Quebec’s DuBreton (cbcnews)

An additional 300,000 animals to be raised in certified humane conditions after $30M investment Quebec-based pork producer DuBreton is set to dramatically increase the number of pigs to be certified as organic and humanely raised. And that has… Read More