Pete and Gerry’s to provide weekly supply of Certified Humane® eggs to dozens of food bank programs

Pete and Gerry’s Organics, LLC, producer of Certified Humane® egg brands Pete and Gerry’s Organic and Nellie’s Free Range, today announced its egg donation program, which will provide dozens of food banks throughout the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and… Read More

New Research Finds Majority of Americans Concerned about Farm Animal Welfare

Most Americans don’t know the true meaning of food labels like “cage-free,” “free-range,” or “grass fed” and falsely believe that farm animals are protected by laws or independent oversight according to the results of a new national survey*… Read More

All-Canadian farming trailblazer DuBreton reaches new milestone in its commitment to being Canada’s leader in Certified Humane® pork

DuBreton Canada and North America’s #1 producer of Certified Humane® and organic pork, is proud to announce it has already raised 42,457 crate-free pigs as a part of its commitment to raising 300,000 more crate-free pigs by 2018…. Read More

Egg-cellent picks for Easter dyeing

By Sarah Shemkus, Globe Correspondent March 18, 2016 Easter, as the song says, is on its way. And when we head to the store this year to buy the necessary eggs for coloring, we will face an unparalleled array… Read More

Antibiotic-Free Movement Gaining Ground

By John Lovett Times Record There is a hearty movement within the largest health-care and nutrition services supplier to cut antibiotics out of the food chain as part of an effort to curb what have become known… Read More

From How to be an ethical shopper: part two

By Daniel Nowland, February 29, 2016 In Food waste for With so much talk of sustainability, seasonality and animal welfare surrounding the food we eat, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin if we want to align… Read More

DuBreton® is number one producer of Certified Humane® organic pork

January 26, 2016, CANADA – Two key trends are changing family mealtime in Canada: time-crunched home cooks are no longer willing to sacrifice healthy and good for quick and processed, and there is a growing movement of consumers… Read More

Food Trends TV Dana McCauley promotes Certified Humane®

Founder of “Food Trends TV” Dana McCauley joins Toronto’s The Morning Show to discuss emerging food trends, including the growing appeal of Certified Humane® products for people who care about the treatment of farm animals raised for food.

Why the egg industry is scrambling to set hens free

Governments, activists and big brands like McDonald’s and Nestle are putting increased pressure on egg producers to raise their hens more sustainably by Marc Gunther, December 28, 2015, The Guardian Americans eat about 265 eggs per person per… Read More

PETA, Certified Humane spar over Tasty Burger marketing

By Lisa M. Keefe on 12/28/2015 on The Tasty Burger chain, with five locations in the Boston area, is at the center of a holiday tiff over humane handling between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… Read More