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Ovodan China

Cage Free Operations of Ovodan China

For Certified Humane® operations of Ovodan China, animal welfare strategy comes down to, “caring animals, caring humans, and caring environment is the company global goal,” writes Wang Shupo, owner and operator of Nantong Ovodan Egg Co., Ltd. Ovodan Egg Group, headquartered in Denmark, focuses on the production of egg products and trading globally. Ovodan China has 400 employees in China, an annual income around 100M USD, and sales around 50 thousands metric tons of egg products.

Wang Shupo continues, “In the commitment of our Company Code of Conduct, all companies are involved in different activities that serve to expand the positivity of doing good while doing business both internally and externally. In China, we started this egg products business with the concept of more safe and convenient use of eggs. We introduced this concept into China and to our customers, and now more and more customers accept this, and it’s become the standard.”