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Nam Huong Poultry Farming Co. Ltd., Viet Nam

Owner and director Le Van Hoa tells of his experience as a Certified Humane® egg producer in Tien Giang provice, Viet Nam.

Before officially launching Nam Huong brand, our parents worked in livestock production for many years. In 2003, we started our business with 10,000 layers and we continued to grow to 300,000 layers in 2009. The Nam Huong brand was launched on May 31, 2018. Currently we raise 700,000 hens every year.

Viet Nam is one of the fast-growing economic countries in the [South East Asia] region. I have seen the cage-free egg movement growing in our neighboring countries, such as Thailand and Malaysia. Consumers’ concern regarding animal welfare is increasing as well and I believe Nam Huong is one of the first producers in Viet Nam to make the switch to cage-free housing.

We are familiar with battery cage systems and during the transition to cage-free systems, we meet several challenges such as placing perches, nesting boxes, drinkers and feeders to make sure the hens were healthy and able to be productive in this new system. To-date, we produce both types of eggs: conventional cage and Certified Humane® cage-free. We built a separate packing and washing facilities for our Certified Humane® eggs.

We have seen the cage free trend take hold in the egg industry of Viet Nam and other neighboring countries. Nam Huong is one of the largest egg producers in the North of Viet Nam and we look forward to working with food companies to accommodate consumers in search of cage free eggs, and in the hope that this will create a higher animal welfare standards for all laying hens.

To learn more about Nam Huong Poultry Farming Company Limited, visit their website at traiganamhuong.com.