Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B Burger Bar of Hartford, Connecticut holds the honor of being the first restaurant group in the United States to be Certified Humane Raised and Handled®.

Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B Burger Bar, which has three locations in Connecticut, opened in July 2006 to provide a healthy, fresh and desirable alternative to the traditional processed food restaurant model. The underlying belief at Plan B Burger is that you deserve to eat healthy quality food without compromising style and fun.

According to Shawn Skehan, Co-Founder and President of Plan B Burger, “We have found though it takes dedication, it is quite possible to offer consumers fast, efficient, high quality food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We are proving each day that a food establishment does not have to cut corners on taste and quality in order to meet the bottom line.”

Plan B Burger Bar is best known for their gourmet burgers. “We provide our customers with natural, healthy, beef — quality that is generally only found in very expensive boutique restaurants. We committed to purchasing only Certified Humane® beef because we wanted to purchase the best beef available, raised without unnecessary chemicals and antibiotics, and from animals that are treated humanely,” Mr. Skehan added.

Making the commitment to use only Certified Humane® beef for their burgers came easily for Founder and CEO Al Gamble. “Responsibility to our customers and to our environment is a principal tenant of the Plan B Burger Bar philosophy,” said Gamble.

Plan B Burger Bar

Gamble decided early on that he wouldn’t stand for chemically processed, frozen, prepackaged beef. The butchers on staff at Plan B grind whole chuck daily, in house, to ensure the total quality and freshness in every burger. That is the reason he chose to serve only Meyer Natural Angus Beef because it is “Certified Humane®.” “It was a natural fit, good for us, good for the animals, good for the environment, and good for the consumer” he said.

Plan B Burger was certified under the Product Manufacturing Operation (PMO) certification designation. This means that the beef used at Plan B Burger comes only from a Certified Humane® supplier. HFAC allows restaurants to apply for certification under the PMO category which is also used for further processed foods like sausages. HFAC allows this designation in order to broaden the market for products from humanely-raised animals and increases the opportunities for farmers who use humane animal production practices.

This PMO certification category is very thorough and requires a strong commitment by the participating establishment. The restaurant is committed to

Plan B Burger Bar

purchasing only the product that is Certified Humane® and also undergoes an annual, thorough inspection just like at any product manufacturing operation to ensure traceability from the supplier (in this case Meyer Natural Angus Beef) to all the restaurants in their group. This assures consumers that no other beef is being used.

“It’s a win, win situation any way you look at it”, said Gamble. “Our customers are assured a superior quality product and we promote responsible farming practices at the same time.”

If you are lucky enough to live near a Plan B Burger Bar restaurant or are traveling in the area please visit them at any of their three locations: 138 Park Road, West Hartford CT, 06119 / 860-231-1199; 120 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033 / 860-430-9737; 4 Railroad Street, Simsbury, CT 06070 / 860-658-4477.

To learn more, visit their website at:

For information on where to find other Certified Humane® products in your area, visit the “Shop” page of HFAC’s website.