Coastal Hill Farm

Coastal Hill Farm

Coastal Hill Farm is a 70 acre farm founded in 2009 in Petaluma, California, 40 miles north of San Francisco.  The farm features close to 1,000 Certified Humane® laying hens in addition to pigs and honeybees.

The chicken flock at Coastal Hill Farm is free to access outdoor pasture at their own will, and the chicken house features ample perching space and nesting boxes. Coastal Hill

Bobby Foehr, the owner and operator of Coastal Hill Farm, says that by becoming Certified Humane® the farm can show consumers that they “are serious about how we treat our animals”.

Bobby comes from a farming background and studied Agriculture and Poultry Science at California Polytechnic State University.  Still, Bobby never envisioned a career in agriculture, but he says that “when the opportunity arose I went for it”.

After the passing of his Grandfather, Bobby decided to repurpose the family dairy barn into a chicken house.  He says that the farm’s humane approach is based off

Coastal Hill

of his belief that “the animals will produce the best products if they are given good feed, water, and ample space outside to do what comes natural.”

The farm sells their Certified Humane® eggs at the Point Reyes Farmers Markets, local stores and restaurants and from their farm store.

To learn more, visit their website at: Coastal Hill Farm

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